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Journey back with me and reconnect to the wisdom of our ancestors. Remember what it is to be a woman in its wondrous entirety. Unlock the powers that are within you, and harness them to live a happier, more complete, more balanced and fulfilling life.

What led me to this work?

After the birth of my second child, Savannah, despite taking very good care of my diet and continuing with the lifestyle choices I had implemented since the birth of my first child, Caleb, I felt a disconnect in my body.

It surprised me as I thought I had it ‘all figured out’. I knew what foods nourished me, and those that didn’t, and I felt the respect for my body that is truly needed by all women in order to want to take care of ourselves. However, I felt that things weren’t clicking like they used to. My hormones from breastfeeding were ruling me, and nothing I did seemed to set them back into place. I maintained my pre-pregnancy body (apart from the bump) all the way through my pregnancy, managing to continue with the same exercises I had been able to (modified) before becoming pregnant. When I gave birth my body quickly ‘popped back’ but then the shifts starting to happen – I was gaining weight and felt just not ‘in’ myself physically or emotionally!

I began to look for answers, and sure enough they emerged; another part of my learning journey. My hormones were governing how my body was in that moment, which led to me having to work more deeply on acceptance, but also on a nutritional level I learnt to adapt my diet to balance my hormones more (as I teach my clients to ‘tune-in’ and listen to what their body needs in the moment, I too had to throw out the ‘rule book’ and adapt again).

However, as I searched for answers here something unexpected also happened. As I began to connect deeper into my body than I ever had before, my eyes were opened to a world so much more meaningful than anything I could have imagined. I was led to the world of true female healing, and re-learning the wisdom of our ancestors, reconnecting to my long-forgotten authentic femininity.

What does it mean to reawaken your Female Energy?

In today’s world women feel compelled to constantly push – to be fast paced go-getters in everything they do.

Chasing positions at work, being the best partners and mothers possible, supporting their wider family, competing athletically, being the chef and cleaner in the household – constantly ‘go go go’. Many parts of these complex, chaotic lives women enjoy, and indeed of course we are more than capable of achieving. However, what we forget to take into consideration, forget or perhaps better to say have not been connected into, is that our energies are not linear like men. We are not designed to constantly be on the go – I am sorry to say it, as I know for some women this will be hard to read, but we just aren’t. So when we try to be, or feel obliged to be, then we become exhausted – physically and emotionally exhausted.

Women are cyclical in nature, not linear. No matter whether we have regular cycles, or menstruate at all, pre or post-menopausal, once we have hit puberty women enter a world of cycles. This goes far beyond our menstrual cycle, which is no doubt fundamental to what I teach, but it is important to know too that as women we are intrinsically connected to the cycle of the moon and the different seasons of the year.

And the fun thing is, when we connect to this, and truly learn what it means to be a female, in all its divine glory, we can harness the power that comes with it. We can live fully as the passionate, empowered, abundant, powerful, majestic and sensual women that we truly are.

Within us all are four female archetypes, each with its own strength and its own wisdom. If we can embrace these four sides of us, that come together to make us who are in our entirety, then we can truly thrive and grow. We can give to ourselves and our loved ones all that we wish and hope for, and all without running ourselves into the ground. We can achieve everything in life, whilst honouring and respecting our bodies. We can go beyond our dreams, because we are able to function on a higher level; by recognising the times our body needs to rest, and our minds need to reflect, and allowing this to happen, we can have the energy and the wisdom in our other phases to bloom.

With this new wisdom I began to realise that my work was much more than connecting women into eating foods that nourished their bodies on a physical level. Being a truly healthy woman in today’s world has to also be about honouring and respecting what it is to be a woman, in all its magical glory.

And so I made the decision to become a Moon Mother, training with Miranda Gray, author of ‘The Red Moon’ and ‘The Optimised Woman’.

My training with Miranda took me deeper into the four archetypes, and beyond. I learnt to connect women on a deeper level further than passing on the knowledge I now had, but also to be able to physically connect them back into themselves through Womb Healings and Blessings.

What do I offer?

Connecting women into their bodies in this way is intricately linked into all the work that I do, through Health Coaching and my 31 Day Seasonal Cleanses.

I do not see my role as a Moon Mother as a separate role, but rather another level, a deeper level, in the work I have been doing now for many years: helping women who want to be more balanced in their day-to-day lives, but also women with specific health issues such as digestive concerns, anxiety and fertility.

As such, I integrate this knowledge into the work that I do generally, but I also offer specific Health Coaching with an emphasis on Female Energy Awakening, going beyond teaching women how to nourish themselves with food, connecting them into how their body works physically (on a functional level), taking them back to their innate authentic feminine wisdom too.

Additionally, I can teach women how to give themselves a Womb Healing virtually, and indeed this is part of what I offer to my clients, but I do of course also give Womb Healings and Blessings in person. If you would like more information on these please do get in touch.

Our authentic femininity is the ‘original’ femininity we are born with. It lies in our female body, in our cells, in our bones, in our DNA, in our instinctual self and our deepest patterns of behaviour. It is who we are before the modern world takes over with all the restrictions and expectations of our upbringing and society.

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I started Eat Smile Live as a way to reach more women, so I could pass on the knowledge that had liberated me from the trap of dieting, denial and self-deprecation. I cannot wait to get to get to know you better as we journey forward together. With love, Rochelle x


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