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My cleanses provide education on how to eat for improved health and happiness, a new perspective on your incredible body, and recipe ideas; all coming daily into your inbox. All of this alongside a space for you to share with women working together towards the same goal.
Cleanse your body and educate your mind

31-Day Seasonal Cleanse

31 days to a new way of looking at food, your body and your health! Each cleanse runs in the Spring and Autumn seasons and help give you a new perspective on your overall health and the way you eat and live.


31-Days to improve your health

You are probably becoming increasingly aware that sugar (not fat) is what is responsible for our ever growing waistlines, and is a huge contributor to the dramatic rise in chronic disease. Combined with the growing awareness of the importance of keeping our guts healthy, reducing toxicity in our homes, as well as living in a world that puts immense pressure on us to ‘be perfect’, many of us are confused and unsure of how to move forward for ourselves and our families.

Well, throughout my 31 day seasonal cleanse, the Spring Clean and the Autumn Cleanse, I will help you do just that; with not only the information and support I share, but so importantly too from the community of people who will be joining you on the journey.

These seasonal cleanses are, for many who follow them, the start of a new way of eating, a new way of thinking of their bodies; a new way of living! If followed with the right level of commitment then I am confident they can be the same for you too! However, rather than being one that you start with enthusiasm, but which soon quickly passes, as with all other ‘faddy diets’ of the past, why not make it something which you can, and will want to (!), continue for the long haul!

Over the 31 days, we focus on:

  • how to get healthy fats (yes, I said fats!), clean proteins and plenty of nutrient rich foods (vegetables!) into our diets
  • in turn how to cut out the nasty refined, processed foods (including of course sugars) that don’t serve us at all
  • connect in to what it is to be a woman in today’s world, and find the space and the tools to manage our hormones and all the wondrous opportunities that come with our cyclical nature
  • how to reduce toxicity in the home: in our hygiene, beauty and cleaning products
  • consciousness around food (because we can learn all about the right foods, but unless we have a change in mindset, any changes we make won’t be sustainable – I am a holistic health coach, so nutrition is far from the be all and end all of my approach)

Each programme includes:

  • a daily email from me with information to educate you on your new choices
  • seasonal recipes
  • weekly shopping lists, so you can be prepared to make the relevant recipe each day, as it hits your inbox (just one recipe a day, of something new to try – I do not lay out a regimented diet plan to follow for every meal over the 31 days – slowly but surely is the motto here, and something which you can be empowered to be able to continue after the 31 days is over)
  • access to a private Facebook group so you can all share ideas and your experiences together in the wonderful community of women, as well as ask me questions

The focus is not a quick fix detox, but instead a new approach to your diet, your cupboards,  your body and your mindset, so you can move forward in a positive, sustainable way, to improve your health for the long run.

The cost is £33, so just a little over £1 a day.

The Spring programme runs over May, and the Autumn Cleanse runs over September/October. I release the actual dates closer to the time each year. You will be able to stay informed about future programmes by signing up for my newsletter here.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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I started Eat Smile Live as a way to reach more women, so I could pass on the knowledge that had liberated me from the trap of dieting, denial and self-deprecation. I cannot wait to get to get to know you better as we journey forward together. With love, Rochelle x


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