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Essential Oils truly are a gift from nature. Their purity and strength is a wonder to behold. Since discovering them, they have completely changed mine and my family's life in so many ways, and I am so excited to be able to share them with you and those that you love.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionising the way families manage their health.

What are Essential Oils and why do I love them?

In Autumn 2015 I was introduced to these beautiful oils by a health coaching client of mine. Initially I was hesitant as our family’s approach is to be well through whole, organic foods, and a generally healthy lifestyle; I wasn’t able to see what essential oils could add further to our lives.

However, after attending a class in Spring 2016, which introduced me to the Home Essentials Kit, as well as experiencing these oils myself, from samples I had received, I soon realised the incredible benefit they could bring.

Essential oils are a plant’s natural immune system: it’s what they produce to protect themselves in the wild, in the absence of sharp teeth or a hunter’s instinct!  We, like plants are carbon-based, so if a plant has properties that protects it against environmental/seasonal threats, and/or contains naturally occurring antioxidants, then these are transferred to our body’s immune system so it can be strengthened to support us in the same way.

Essential oils can support our bodies physically, but also play an important role in supporting our emotional and mental wellbeing through their aromatic use.

Of course, they can, and have been for centuries, also used for food preparation (a drop of Wild Orange in some home-made raw chocolate, for example), toxin free cleaning, toxin free beauty and hygiene regimes.

And apart from their physical and emotional benefits, it’s essential oils that give flowers and plants their beautiful fragrances, which we can bring into our homes without the chemical nasties that come with artificial air fresheners.

Some examples of how we use the essential oils:

Peppermint to help reduce bloating or gas, and to aid with clear breathing
Lavender to help ease the discomfort of itchy skin
Deep Blue to help reduce the tension around your forehead
Clary Sage to help provide comfort from pre-menstrual symptoms
Digestzen to aid digestion and maintain overall digestive health
Melaleuca to cleanse the skin, and can promote a healthy immune function
On Guard to protect against environmental threats and help support a healthy respiratory function

Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?

The essential oils industry is not a strictly regulated industry, so it is very hard to be sure you are getting the purest form.

Many essential oils are topped up with fillers, carrier oils, and cheaper oils, not to mention they can frequently contain chemicals and pesticides. Whether you choose to put these oils in your bath, diffuse them, or apply them topically onto your skin, they go into your blood system, and then beyond that into your cells, so you must ensure their purity.

dōTERRA essential oils, through ethical/chemical-free growing and processing techniques, as well as in-depth testing, including using a third party for the final tests, are of the highest grade. They set their own standards, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), so they can guarantee to us that these oils are 100% pure and potent – when used responsibly (something I am passionate about teaching) they are safe and they work!

How to use

There are four application methods, all of which are safe when used appropriately, each having their own purpose and benefits.


Via a diffuser using cold water, the benefits of which are:

  • Emotional/mental wellbeing: essential oils are quickly absorbed by the olfactory (smell) receptors, and sent back into the limbic part of your brain (the emotional centre of your brain)
  • Air purification: ridding unpleasant odours, but also helping to physically purify the air from seasonal threats
  • Respiratory support: as we inhale the aromatic compounds into our lungs


  • Good for targeting a particular area, e.g. a wound, joint ache, headache
  • Use of a carrier oil (e.g. fractionated coconut oil) can increase absorption, and is generally recommended, especially for sensitive skin
  • This is a lovely way to use the oils on our children for them to receive the benefits of the oils, but also the connection with their loved ones

Orally (not for children under the age of puberty)

This is essentially topical application in the mouth:

  •  Perhaps you are looking to support gum health, or ease tooth ache.
  • Some people like to put a drop of Frankincense under their tongue daily too, to support healthy cellular function.

Internally (not for children under the age of puberty)

When used in appropriate amounts (to be found on labelling recommendations and other professional guidelines), taking essential oils internally in a capsule can support our over all well being, particularly our digestive health, as well as adding flavour to food and drink.

  • Without realising it, you probably already consume essential oils, for example in a cup of herbal tea, or a bar of raw chocolate (orange being a good example)!

Learn More

Classes to teach you about the wonders of Essential Oils

I run introductory webinars on the third Wednesday of every month that you’re welcome to come along to! Reserve your space here.

How to Buy dōTERRA Essential Oils

Wholesale account

The most economical way to buy dōTERRA essential oils is to set up a wholesale account.

This means that you get 25% off all orders for a year!

It costs £24 to set up an account, but, as an example, that would be recouped immediately on a first order of:

  • Diffuser £49.60 (retail) / £37.20 (wholesale)
  • Lavender £25.60 (retail) / £19.20 (wholesale)
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) £20.80 (retail) / £15.60 (wholesale)
  • Lemon £9.30 (retail) / £6.97 (wholesale)

With a wholesale account, you can also benefit from dōTERRA’s offers of:

  • A 1-to-1 call with me
  • The Free Product of the Month
  • Points back on orders (between 10-30%) which you can use to treat yourself to free oils

Also included in wholesale membership is a wealth of continued education and support around the oils through pre-recorded webinars, and monthly live question and answer sessions with me.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, click here to Join and Save now.

For more information: schedule a call with me

The Business

Business opportunities for Essential Oil advocates

As well as being amazing oils that can add so much to your home, health and general well-being, there is also the opportunity to incorporate the oils in your life in a no-less useful and significant way: by using them as a source of income!

Already thousands of women are benefiting themselves and their families by becoming a Wellness Advocate. Even though I am only really at the tip of the iceberg in terms of this business’ potential, already it’s proving to be life-changing for our family.

I have a real passion for these oils, and what they can provide for our health and wellbeing, but I have also taken to learning the business model with ease and enthusiasm (geek alert!); both aspects have led to me growing very quickly within the European market. I love to mentor women, my team is very important to me, and it would be a pleasure to share this knowledge with you too.

What I offer:

  • Education on how to build a business
  • My continued mentoring as you grow
  • My desire for you to experience the same success as I am
  • The support of a great team of incredible women
  • Regular catch-ups, training, education, motivation!

To get more information about this business opportunity, please get in touch with me to schedule a call.

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