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I love getting feedback from my clients. Reading how they have made such positive changes in their lives through our work together, makes it all the more wonderful to do this work.
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I took part in Rochelle’s Spring Clean in 2015. I wanted to try something which I knew was going to be good for me, and not a fad. I wanted to feel energised as well, and though it wasn’t necessarily the primary motivation – I wanted to lose weight.

The support, tips, and information received from Rochelle, and the Facebook group she set up, were instrumental in changing my diet – permanently. The impact it has had on my health has been huge.

I have suffered with M.E/C.F.S for 20 years, I have had many complex hormonal/endocrine issues, and have had bad hemorrhoids since my teens, which cause such pain and bleeding when I ‘go’.

Throughout the cleanse, and since, I have felt more energised, less bloated, my thyroid medication has been reduced and the hemorrhoids have disappeared. This has had a huge impact on my health and how I feel on a day to day basis. My mindset about food and health has gradually changed and I’ve learned to listen to my body.

The added bonus is that a stone has come off in 2 months and I’ve dropped a dress size.

I feel great, and I’d recommend Rochelle’s 31 Day Cleanses to anyone and everyone. They are easy to follow, and there is so much group support. I’ve already signed up for the next two cleanses!”



I was already changing my eating habits and following a dairy and gluten free diet. My friend Hayley had posted something on ESL that showed up for me and I started following it and realised it was spot on with what I was thinking and feeling about food and instinctively wanted to know more. I took part in the free ‘Debunking the Myths Around Sugar’ call and then did a free initial Health History call and felt that I had to carry on.

I did the Summer Cleanse and noticed a real change and it just encouraged my appetite to learn more. I felt that it would be really beneficial to work with both Rochelle and a group of others looking at food in depth and generally improving my entire lifestyle.

It was really hard to start with and I met a lot of opposition mentally and externally but one of the key things I learned was about letting go – letting go of expectations, of ‘control’ of others, and myself. I learned to be the loving leader in our home. My husband eats a massively improved diet and so do my children and it has also had a knock-on effect on the wider family. I learned so much about living a holistic life, not just in food but in being and doing and feeling, and also celebrating every success rather than counting every failure. I lost more weight, which wasn’t really a goal, but I felt like I got to a happy healthy weight for my body. And I have gone into my new pregnancy eating a massively better diet, which has shown up clearly in my lack of weight gain and general health.

I loved working with Rochelle from the word go. Once we had done the call about sugar, I knew that I wanted to find a way to work with her and have greatly valued the time and energy she has put into our group calls, to emails and to all we have done. She greatly values, knows and cares about her clients’ individual needs and stories and celebrates with us all, supporting and guiding us positively and constructively. There were no expectations from her other than commitment. We had to do the work ourselves; she guided us through it. I felt that it was amazing value for money and she worked incredibly hard to keep us going despite being pregnant, getting married and having a baby while we were in our coaching block!

I wasn’t sure we could afford to do it but we made it a priority and it was the best money we could have spent for our family. Thank you, Rochelle, for your energy and your love. I have greatly valued all that you have given the Conley’s and know we will be staying in touch!

Cath Conley


Embarking on a six month programme to better my health initially seemed like quite a large investment and undertaking; yet when I thought about the amount of time and energy I had put into fad diets over the years, and how I was ultimately less content and more confused than when I began all those years ago, it began to make more sense. The thought of being free from guilt and being able to trust my body to make the right decision around food began to sound very appealing.

Group coaching may not be for everyone but I found the support of a group and being able to relate to different people’s stories particularly reassuring and beneficial. Struggles with food and health are a battle many of us believe we must face alone, yet working in a group it became more and more apparent that we have all grown up with our individual struggles; yet they do not have to define us. On many occasions it was as though someone else was able to verbalise the feelings I had but was not able to pinpoint or put into words myself.

I began the programme believing that if I could lose a few kilos in a natural and healthy way, all would be well; yet under Rochelle’s guidance I realised there are so many factors which play a part in not only what we eat but the way in which we eat, and all of this contributes to our health, weight, happiness and wellbeing. I have learnt so much through working with Rochelle and made so many positive and lasting changes to my life.

I actually threw away my scales so couldn’t tell you if I lost the weight I wanted, but I realised it didn’t matter. I feel healthier, more energetic and generally more content. I still have a long way to go before I will say I have a stable and unemotional relationship with food, yet I have been inspired to make the best choices I can and to help encourage others to do the same.

Dieting and health doesn’t need to be as hard as the media makes out and having an expert like Rochelle guide you and hold your hand whilst you figure out what works for you makes you realise that real food is just that: food which will nourish and support you without thinking about it, leaving you to concentrate on the more important and enjoyable elements of your life.

Debbie Baharrell


Rochelle was encouraging, positive, pragmatic and fun on all our calls. I learned so much about what works for my body and what makes me feel great as well as eating food that is more delicious than I was eating before. I would recommend her support to anyone who would like to rethink their lifestyle (and to those who haven’t thought about it yet!)

Heather Rai


I was keen to start on this road to help my family improve their health & to learn more about foods & their effects on our bodies. This has been achieved & so much more, it has brought an awareness to our lives about how we feel and the choices we make. There can be no going back! We don’t eat perfectly every day. But every day we are conscious about what we eat. Green smoothies are here to stay in this house with our children loving them as much as we do!

It’s in the children’s choices that we can see how much it has changed our eating habits… I was handed 1/2 a chocolate biscuit by my 3 year old boy the other day because he just “didn’t want it”! Even at Christmas and Easter the treats lasted longer than ever before. In fact we still have 2 Easter eggs on the shelf not eaten or even asked for 🙂

The 6 months has been only the start of our journey. Thank you so much to Rochelle who lead us through this and made it all so enjoyable & informative!

Helen Parker


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I started Eat Smile Live as a way to reach more women, so I could pass on the knowledge that had liberated me from the trap of dieting, denial and self-deprecation. I cannot wait to get to get to know you better as we journey forward together. With love, Rochelle x


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