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16th May 20170

by Admin

I’ve never been the easiest to teach, I’ll admit that straight away – always preferring, or needing, to come to conclusions myself, even if the conclusion I come to is exactly what someone was trying to tell me six months and 10 arguments ago. This’ll sound familiar to Rochelle…

17th April 20170

by Admin

It was while eating a nice plate of kale and eggs that it came back to me how we’d once had an allotment on which we’d grow endless amounts of kale. It’d been so long that I’d almost forgotten about our allotment, and how some of our vegetables at least hadn’t always come in a bag or a box.

22nd March 20170

by Admin

If you do a google search on Network Marketing (aka Multi-Level Marketing or MLM), inevitably one of the first sites you’re taken to is Wikipedia, and one of the first words that you read is ‘controversial’.

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