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Journey with me as we uncover the true potential within us all, to live balanced and healthy lives.

Liberation & Joy

I am passionate about empowering women with the knowledge and confidence they need to be able to, and willing to, honour, nourish and protect their incredible bodies, and, in turn, those of their loved ones.

My Proccess

Educate. Empower. Support.



Denial and deprivation through dieting is miserable and does not work long-term. With education about how your body works and what tools you need to care for it, your changes become joyful and sustainable.



By delving into past patterns and engrained ideas, and tuning in to what is ‘really going on in there’, and then taking this insight to create a diet & lifestyle that truly nourishes you as an individual, women feel empowered to care for their own health and well being.



I do not believe in strict regimes and one size fits all approaches. My role is to guide my clients through the changes they are making; each specific to where they are now, and where they want to be. I am their ally, holding their hands, as they take their journey into a happier and healthier life.

My Training,
My Experience.

I received my initial training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), which gave me the basis on which I went forward and developed my knowledge deeper with Andrea Nakayama’s ‘Full Body Systems’. This 10 month, in-depth, Functional Nutrition Immersion Course, has equipped me with extensive knowledge in each system of the body, and how they all interplay with each other to impact our overall health. I work with my clients as individuals: each with their own bodies, their own past and their own current circumstances. As a ‘whole person’, one symptom cannot be held up in isolation, but rather each symptom must be acknowledged as often linking back to a root cause. Together we work to investigate what is ‘truly going on in there’, and help them make bespoke diet and lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Training to be a Health Coach was an incredible experience for me. I had in the past only been exposed to very conventional education and ‘training’, e.g. towards my GCSEs, then my A-levels and then ultimately my BA in International History at the London School of Economics. I enjoy to learn and research, so (sadly maybe) always enjoyed school. However, training to become a Health Coach with IIN, and even more so studying Functional Nutrition, was an entirely different experience. I found myself becoming impassioned as I listened to the teachers sharing their dietary knowledge and lifestyle experiences, and learning how each body system worked; information we should all have as children, but is somehow by-passed. I became hopeful and excited as I realised that I would be able to pass on this knowledge to my clients, in order to help them improve their health and overall lifestyles.

I am so passionate about sharing this knowledge with the women I work with, to allow them to tune-in to their bodies, and want to nourish and honour themselves, probably for the first time ever for many. Beyond this though, I am driven by the desire that this new understanding and self-love is passed onto future generations, so they can break free the chains of society, and truly care for their bodies in a way many of us were never taught to do. The IIN talks of ‘rocking the ripple effect’ (just as one drop in water ripples out, so too does the IIN’s work in its ever expanding influence in improving the world’s health). I feel honoured to be a small part of this ripple effect.

My Offerings

Personalised Health Coaching

My clients are individuals: with their own unique bodies, histories and current circumstances. As a ‘whole person’, one symptom cannot be seen in isolation; rather each symptom must be acknowledged as often linking back to one root cause. By investigating what is ‘truly going on in there’, we can implement bespoke diet and lifestyle changes to produce real and lasting results.


31 Day Seasonal Cleanses

Seasonal cleanses are not a quick fix detox, but instead a new approach to your diet and your mindset, so you can move forward in a positive, sustainable way to improve your overall health. These programmes provide education on how to eat for improved health and happiness, a new perspective on your incredible body, and recipes daily into your inbox, as well as a space for you to share with women working together towards the same goal.


dōTERRA Essential Oils

I am in love with my role as an essential oil educator. Teaching people how they can safely and effectively use therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance their physical and emotional well being, as well as that of their loved ones, using nature as their tool; using nature as their tool. These oils have empowered me so much as an individual, but also as a mother. They also make a pretty amazing addition to raw chocolate!


Female Energy Awakening

Women have lost sight of their cyclical nature, and the wisdom and power that our ancestors knew came with this. Instead we push ourselves daily to constantly live and perform as society dictates. If we tune-in to our bodies, and the four energies within us, we can harness this power, that only women have, to achieve our dreams and live a happier life.


About Me

I started Eat Smile Live as a way to reach more women, so I could pass on the knowledge that had liberated me from the trap of dieting, denial and self-deprecation. I cannot wait to get to get to know you better as we journey forward together. With love, Rochelle x


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