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I’m a mother of two, Caleb and Savannah, married to Josh, and owner of Eat Smile Live.

I am passionate and excited about the work that I do, and look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Rochelle x

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Ways that I can work with you for a healthier and happier life

Through education and a personalised approach, we discover the right path for you.

Personalised Health Coaching

Working with you to truly understand root causes of health issues which in turn will help us to create bespoke diet and lifestyle changes that will provide long lasting results.


31-Day Seasonal Cleansing

Cleanses help to instil a new mindset around your body and how you care for it. These cleanses educate you to think differently about food and health, helping you move forward in a sustainable way.


Essential Oils

Nature is a powerful healing tool. I work to educate you on how to safely and effectively use therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance you and your family’s emotional and physical well-being.


Female Energy

Women have lost sight of their cyclical nature. I am passionate about teaching you how to tune-in to your body and harness the four powerful energies within you.


31 days of learning how to nourish and respect your body, to bring changes that will last a lifetime.

My Seasonal Cleanses are designed to educate, empower and support you through changes to your diet, and how you feel within yourself, in order that you can truly love and honour your body with proper nutrition and a healthy mindset.

They are not a ‘quick fix’ detox, and as such there is no rigid meal plan, but rather give you the tools and knowledge to care for yourself completely beyond the 31 days we work together.

Over the past 5 years, 100s of women have taken part in my Seasonal Cleanses, many coming back each time to take part again to consolidate and further their learning. I am proud and honoured to now have such a community of like-minded women, all working together to achieve a better life for themselves and their families. I hope you can join us in the next cleanse. To keep updated you can sign up for my newsletter above.

How can I sign up?

It’s simple…

Emails go daily straight to your inbox, which provide an education around how your body works, how to nourish it, ways to tune-in and adjust mindset, and recipe ideas to help you do so (with accompanying shopping lists).

As well as my daily emails, you are also welcome to join the community of women all taking part, via a closed Facebook group.

If you are away when a cleanse is taking place, you can still take part, as the emails go into your inbox, so you can catch up easily or even continue whilst you are away. There are no specific recipes you have to follow. The main focus is learning and the empowerment that comes with this.

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What current and past clients have to say



“I feel great, and I’d recommend Rochelle’s 31 Day Cleanses to anyone and everyone. They are easy to follow, and there is so much group support. I’ve already signed up for the next two cleanses!”


Cath Conley

“I wasn’t sure we could afford to do it but we made it a priority and it was the best money we could have spent for our family. Thank you, Rochelle, for your energy and your love. I have greatly valued all that you have given the Conley’s and know we will be staying in touch!“


Heather Rai

“Rochelle was encouraging, positive, pragmatic and fun on all our calls. I learned so much about what works for my body and what makes me feel great as well as eating food that is more delicious than I was eating before. I would recommend her support to anyone who would like to rethink their lifestyle (and to those who haven’t thought about it yet!).“

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5th December 2017by Admin

Everything ginger please! I love everything about it: what it does for our bodies, how it smells, how it tastes. I am lucky in that all of my family share the same love.

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16th May 2017by Admin

I’ve never been the easiest to teach, I’ll admit that straight away – always preferring, or needing, to come to conclusions myself, even if the conclusion I come to is exactly what someone was trying to tell me six months and 10 arguments ago. This’ll sound familiar to Rochelle…

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17th April 2017by Admin

It was while eating a nice plate of kale and eggs that it came back to me how we’d once had an allotment on which we’d grow endless amounts of kale. It’d been so long that I’d almost forgotten about our allotment, and how some of our vegetables at least hadn’t always come in a bag or a box.

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22nd March 2017by Admin

If you do a google search on Network Marketing (aka Multi-Level Marketing or MLM), inevitably one of the first sites you’re taken to is Wikipedia, and one of the first words that you read is ‘controversial’.

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About Me

I started Eat Smile Live as a way to reach more women, so I could pass on the knowledge that had liberated me from the trap of dieting, denial and self-deprecation. I cannot wait to get to get to know you better as we journey forward together. With love, Rochelle x


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